Roller Hearth Furnaces

The roller hearth furnace conveys the work directly on the hearth rollers. Work can also be processed in baskets or on trays which are conveyed on the rollers. Quench systems and cooling systems can also be provided.

Furnaces can be designed for use with or without atmosphere. Heating systems can be direct open fired, indirect fuel fired or electrically heated. Furnaces can be lined with refractory or with ceramic fiber depending on the application. furnaces. The high temperature consistency and low energy consumption of these furnaces, normally gas-fired, ensure reproducible quality and short treatment times.

The processes used for heat treating non-alloyed and alloyed carbon steel pipes at temperatures around 2200° F include carbonitriding, carburizing, stress relieving, hardening, normalizing, recrystallizing, normalizing, sintering, soft annealing and spheroidizing in indirectly fired continuous roller hearth furnaces.

For the spheroidizing of pipes made from high-carbon ball bearing steels, we can design into the process vestibules to completely isolate the furnace atmosphere from the surrounding air are essential, at least at the furnace entry. Vestibules are also needed at the entry and exit of continuous roller hearth furnaces for the bright solution annealing of high-alloy austenitic pipes.
In the heat treatment of copper alloy bars and pipes, zinc, which can be easily oxidized, is the critical element in the alloy. Rapid cooling is essential to ensure that the zinc is kept in solution. This can be achieved using optional high convection cooling chambers with hydrogen atmosphere.

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Overall Furnace Dimensions:

10″ W x 11-1/2′ H x 400′ L (Maximum – Length Based on Specific Requirements)

Chamber Sizes:

Based on Operating Temperature and product being processed in pounds per hour.
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Operating Temperature Ranges:

2,200° F

Heat Source:

Natural Gas
Propane Gas

Heat Capacity Ranges:

Depending upon the design of the furnace required,
the unit could handle up to 10,000 or higher pounds/hour Production Capacity
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Recirculation Blowers:

The HP and CFM are based on Chamber Size and Fuel Source, along with the load the furnace has been designed to process.
Contact Sales for system requirements for your product needs.