Box Furnaces

Thermo Transfer offers a wide range of box furnaces from a single front opening door, to a car bottom, double door and or a walk in furnace. Product loads are placed in the furnace through a single front opening door.

The box furnace is a process batch furnace which is designed for many uses like; Aging, Baking, Curing, Drying, Pre-Heating, Stress Relieving, Tempering.

This furnace design can use air and or special atmosphere like; endothermic, exothermic, nitrogen (molecular sieve) and or dissociated ammonia gas generators.
Heating systems can be electrically heated, direct open fired or indirect fuel fired using Natural Gas or Propane.

    • High capacity circulation blower for excellent uniformity
    • Wide operating range from 300° F TO 2,000° F to meet most heat processing requirements.
    • Effective insulation to reduce heat losses, faster heat up time and very low maintenance.
    • Skid mounted units pre-tested in our shop prior to shipping.

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Overall Furnace Dimensions:

Depending upon the operating temperatures needed and the products being processed.

Chamber Sizes:

Based on Operating Temperature and product being processed in pounds per hour.
Contact Sales for system requirements for your product needs.

Operating Temperature Ranges:

300° F to 2,000° F

Heat Source:

Natural Gas
Propane Gas

Heat Capacity Ranges:

Depending upon the size of the furnace desired,
the unit could handle up to 80 Tons (Car-Bottom Design).
Contact Sales for system requirements for your product needs.

Recirculation Blowers:

The HP and CFM are based on Chamber Size and Fuel Source, along with the load the furnace has been designed to process.
Contact Sales for system requirements for your product needs.

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